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Croscarmellose Sodium and High Blood Pressure

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Is there a link between croscarmellose sodium and high blood pressure?The short answer to that question is a resounding yes. The truth is, it is a classic case of the problems that many patients experience when they take a certain medication for one problem and then end up experiencing a whole host of other problems as a direct result of said medication. In order to better understand the problem, it is necessary for you to understand exactly what croscarmellose sodium is used for in the first place. Typically, it is used as part of the mixture with certain medications that are delivered intravenously to the intestines. It is a necessary component of this particular medication because without it, it would be impossible to safely and effectively deliver the medications in question. However, it is not without its risks, as is the case with most medications.

Specific Risks

Croscarmellose SodiumOne of the biggest risks of being exposed to croscarmellose sodium is the chance that it could rapidly and dramatically increase blood pressure. In many cases, it can easily cause an acute case of severe hypertension. This is because the sodium that is mixed with the medication is being given intravenously, thereby placing one of the biggest culprits of high blood pressure directly into the bloodstream of the patient. This can cause an almost immediate rise in blood pressure and at times, it can be so significant that it causes a hypertensive emergency. In addition, there are other risk factors that must be considered. Anyone is susceptible to this problem when receiving medication in this fashion. Furthermore, any individual that already has hypertension or has any type of heart problem could be affected even more significantly.

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Because of the potential risks, it is imperative that physicians carefully consider the benefits versus the risks when considering this combination for any patient. While some people are better able to handle it than others, it is something that poses a number of serious risks for anyone exposed to it.

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Virtue Vio Review

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Virtue Vio

Any avid paintball player knows the Best paintball mask is a necessity for the game. Not only does it protect ones eyes from the paint, it also determines how well you can hear other players and how well they can hear you when you are speaking. These are important considerations in choosing a mask. The new Virtue Vio seems to be a fairly decent mask, with a few minor drawbacks.

To begin with, it was a little stiff coming out of the box. Initially breaking it down and changing the lens was rough, but became easier with time. It offers a quick change with a thermal lens. While the mask itself is not completely rigid, it is also not comparable to e-flex or proflex either. It is a kind of middle ground, and very comfortable to wear.

I could clearly hear, and it seemed that I could also clearly be heard. The ear coverage is also solid, so I have no fear of taking a hit there in this mask. An added little bonus was some nice contoured foam padding on the nose. Many masks miss this, but the Virtue Vio Review definitely thought ahead on this point.

What We Love About This Paintball Mask

While the mask is breathable, it could be better. It has a lot of smaller vents, instead of large ones. This seems to make it a little harder to breath. Not horrible, but something to consider. It was not so bad as to be a deal breaker, just something I wanted to note.

The mask fits tightly, so if you have a large head you may want to look elsewhere for a helmet. Also, it did not cover my whole chin and there is no visor to protect my forehead.

The set comes with a extra micro-fiber bag to put lens in which is a nice touch.

There are a lot of color combos to choose from with all the various pieces, so it is highly customizable. Another nice touch.

These gripes are very minor. All over, this is a solid mask and would be worth purchasing.